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The Death Of Pixels

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About this course

In this course, I lay out the steps businesses need to implement to be successful in the Post-iOS14 world.  I’ll share the insights I’ve gathered over the last two years and the tools I recommend people use to drive their customer acquisition in the most profitable way possible.

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Course Structure

Let's Be Honest With Each Other 1 Lesson

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The Important Past 1 Lesson

The Beginning Of The End

On April 22, 2019, I predicted the end of pixels...and in 2021, that is becoming a reality.

But it doesn't mean doom for's actually a huge OPPORTUNITY if you are willing to do what it takes to master your own data and how you leverage it!

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The Present 3 Lessons

WTF Is Happening

Before I can help you fix the problem, you need to know what is going on and understand why it's a bigger issue than people are thinking...

The Imitation Game - Breaking The Enigma Code

This is the pivotal scene in the movie that shows how having a key to combine data sets is all that is necessary to help machines leverage their awesome power...even breaking a code that was said to be "unbreakable."

The Opportunity In Front Of You

Right now, you have an amazing opportunity to not only get your business back on track but put yourself in a position to win for the future and crush your competition.

But in order to do that, you have to understand the state of things...

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The Immediate Future 7 Lessons

Non-Pixel Tracking

Learn how the basics of passing back data to ad platforms when you can't leverage their pixels...

How To Replace Google Conversion Tracking Immediately

So Click IDs were the first sign that things were changing...but they're not a forever solution.

But they DID teach us a very important lesson that I will share with you in this video.

Tutorial: How To Use Google’s Dynamic Tracking Parameters

A quick tutorial I made for Adskills that walks through how to pull out dynamic parameters including the Google Click ID

Tutorial: The Google Click ID Upload Process

In this tutorial I did for AdSkills, I break down the process I used for uploading the Google Click IDs.  

What Makes The Facebook & iOS14 Situation More Challenging

A lot of people are saying that server-to-server tracking will help you avoid any negative effects from the iOS14 update...but they're wrong.

And you need to prepare yourself to deal with the reality of what is about to happen.

Tools To Consider (And What I Recommend)

While there isn't a tool that has a silver bullet solution against iOS14, there are some tools that can get you on the path to better leveraging your data.

In this video I review the top contenders and let you know which one I'm recommending and why.

What's Inside The Secret Bonus Course

I promised you my secret bonus course if you get this tool using my affiliate link but I want you to know what you're getting.

Inside this video, I'll give you a breakdown of all the things I'll share AND I'll be adding to that course as I find more new an interesting ways to use it!

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The Further Out Future 2 Lessons

My Predictions For What's Ahead Of Us

So now that we've talked about the past, the present, and what you can do to help yourself in the immediate future, we need to talk about the future.

Here's what I'm predicting happens next based on the breadcrumbs I've seen.

A Tool To Help In The Future

So now you've got your conversion tracking back in place...but what about your audiences.

Pixels send those as well so you're going to need a solution to help with that...and it's why I want to share this other tool I've got my eye on.

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Leave A Review 1 Lesson

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